Tabula Traiana Not far from the Statue of Decebal on the Serbian side , leaving the small boilers for almost 2000 years , Roman memorial plaque is " Tabula Traiana ", having four meters long and 1.75 meters high. Tabula Traiana is a monument opponent Decebalus Roman Emperor Trajan, to mark the Roman imperial troops march to commemorate the victories of Dacia and the Roman Empire over the Dacian kingdom in 105-106 and completion of Trajan Roman military road . Tabula Traiana suspended road early records of Trajan in Dacia (40 km). You can see the remains of Trajan's road to continue along the river , the path started by Emperor Tiberius. In some parts where they could not make its way directly through dislocation rocks were carved in stone above the water, square holes spaced . As they were fixed horizontally strong beams over which lay a wooden bridge . The holes in the rock that were fixed bridge beams are visible today .