DRAGAN EUROPEAN FOUNDATION Dragan European Foundation is an organization on a European scale, legally established in 1967 by Prof. Dr. Iosif Constantin Dragan.
Dragan European Foundation is a Europe-wide organization formed in 1967 by Prof. Joseph Constantine Dragan. Earlier, since 1950, Prof. Joseph Constantine Dragan had initiated the first Europeanistic initiatives, starting with the publication of the Bulletin Européen journal (first issued on 15th March 1950, and still having continuous publication to date). All the early initiatives later became the basis of the Dragan European Foundation.

The Foundation aims to promote culture, both through circulating and spreading ideas, and by sponsoring research, in order to develop, by means of improved mutual acquaintance with people’s diverse cultures, a spirit of cooperation and community among nations, to foster a real European conscience.

To achieve the aims of its constitution the Dragan European Foundation, from its inception, has promoted numerous international activities; private universities (the Dragan European University in Romania, the Golden Age University in Milan), post-graduate diplomas, publishing, a Cybernetics Centre and the European Association of Bio-economic Studies, the launching of specialist journals, such as the Bulletin Européen, to mention just one, the collaboration with the Geo-archaeological Association, the creation of the History Research Centre in Venice, the European Centre of Thracian Studies, CERMA (European Centre of Applied Medical Research), organizing conferences and international symposia on different cultural and scientific topics, for example; history, political science, heritage, medicine, archaeology, humanitarian law, international legal cooperation, human sciences, the dialogue between religions, Bioeconomics et al.

It is the Foundation’s belief that real European unity is not just a political and economic event but must be effected by creating a truly European cultural community. For this reason, striving towards a united Europe has always been central to the diverse activities the Foundation has developed over the years, i.e. bringing about and developing a European cultural community while maintaining respect and recognition of differences and peculiarities.